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Cutrin Muoto Perming Lotions Cutrin Muoto Classic Curling is a gentle and reliable, easy-to-use perming lotion. Its Hydra Care Complex helps hair to retain natural moisture, helping to protect hair during perming treatment. The result is beautiful and...

A foam neutralizer for normal or hard-to-curl hair.

Cutrin Muoto Gentle Waving is a gentle perming lotion without ammonia and thioglycolate. Natural volume, waves, curls. With the help of Gentle Waving products, you'll create just the kind of style your customer wants.

A quick neutralizer for normal or hard-to-curl hair. Recommended use: for short or medium length hair.

A ready to use neutralizer for bleached hair or hair that has been colored lighter. Suitable for chemically treated hair in areas where the water for household consumption is of poor quality. The amount of neutralizing fluid should be two times that of the...

Hair fixing agent 1:1. Contains sodium bromate. Suitable for all hair types.

After using the IdHAIR Black Magic Neutralizer, the IdHAIR Black Magic Keratin is the perfect step to finish the perm treatment. It neutralizes chemical residues in the hair. Suitable for all types of treated hair.

The IdHAIR Black Magic Neutralizer has been developed to stop the chemical process in the hair and lock the curls for a perfect result. Suitable for all hair types.

0: Normal hair or resistant hair.1: Normal or coloured hair.2: Porous, coloured or bleached hair.
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