IdHAIR Gloss Activator 1000 ml

Activator for IdHAIR Gloss colours.

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  • 1000 ml

Activator for IdHAIR Gloss colours.Vegan Paraben free
IdHAIR Gloss


IdHAIR Gloss

IdHAIR gloss is an easy-to-use demi-permanent colour system, that with the ‘up to 20 minutes’ of processing time enables quick colour results. It is the desired intensity of the colour, i.e. the processing time, that determines how to set your timer. You will only be waiting for a maximum of 20 minutes!

The colours from IdHAIR gloss are multifunctional and therefore they can do all types of colour work. They are a must have in your hair colour portfolio. Use the colours as toners, for colour corrections, after bleaching, for gloss effects, to correct the hair colour base and as a colour refresher.

Demi-permanent colour can be used as a toner that does not leave a re-growth or lift on a natural hair base.
IdHAIR Gloss
Spalvos korekcijaCOLOR CORRECTION
Use IdHAIR Gloss Toner to correct unwanted tones such as yellow and warm tones after bleaching the hair. You can also use IdHAIR gloss Toner to correct matte and dull shades. A fast and efficient toner that delivers promt and safe results.
If you only wish gloss and no colour, IdHAIR gloss CLEAR can be used as a pure shine effect.
Spalvos gaivinimas/žvilgesysCOLOUR REFRESHER/GLOSS
Refresh pre-coloured hair with IdHAIR gloss Toner, to add new shine and colour to the re-growth and lengths of the hair.

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