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IdHAIR Curly Cream

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Your curls best friend. Revives tired curls.

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Your curls best friend. Revives tired curls.

Our Curly line is something very special!

goji.png 18-MEA
Actually it is already present in your hair, but unfortunately damaged hair cannot rebuild its 18-MEA level, so it needs to be reapplied through hair products. 18-MEA replenishes the primary lipid of the hair, and the result is hair that is easy to comb through, healthy and shiny.
A little red berry that resembles fruit. Studies have shown that the goji berry contains incredible amounts of antioxidants and moisture, which are vital in achieving healthy and shiny hair.
This fantastic ingredient is already all around us, in all living cells. It penetrates the hair deeply, refilling and adding gorgeous gloss and moisture to the hair. Some of the panthenol penetrates the scalp and provide the hair roots with Vitamin B5.
Brand : IdHAIR
Product line : Curly