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Cutrin Muoto Foam Fix

Cutrin Muoto Foam Fix

A foam neutralizer for normal or hard-to-curl hair.

This is a professional product.
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Size : 
  • 1000 ml

A foam neutralizer for normal or hard-to-curl hair.

Dilute with water in proportion of 1:1 (only the portion needed at a time). The amount of neutralizing fluid should be one and a galf (1.5) times that of the perming lotion.

After the processing time of the perming lotion and thorough rinsing, apply 2/3 of the neutralizer to the perming rods. Leave in for 5 minutes. Remove perming rods and apply the rest of the neutralizer to hair. Leave in another 5 minutes. Finally, rinse hair thorougly.

Cutrin Muoto neutralizers are suitable for use together with all Cutrin Muoto perming lotions. With the right choice of neutralizer, you can ensure the best possible result for the perm. The Cutrin Muoto range of neutralizers covers suitable neutralizers for all types of hair.

For professional use only.

Brand :Cutrin
Product line :Muoto