IdHAIR was founded in 1986, Aarhus, Denmark. IdHAIR has grown quickly and become recognised as a trustworthy, dynamic and forward thinking company. After the amazing success of IdHAIR wax now selling over 1.000.000 pots per year it was time for further growth and expansion. This started with ownership of a research and manufacturing facility in ...

IdHAIR was founded in 1986, Aarhus, Denmark. IdHAIR has grown quickly and become recognised as a trustworthy, dynamic and forward thinking company. After the amazing success of IdHAIR wax now selling over 1.000.000 pots per year it was time for further growth and expansion. This started with ownership of a research and manufacturing facility in Sweden allowing the combination of industry experts the company now employ, along with a chemist to produce and develop exciting products for the hair care market.

Our mission is to become the best partner for hairdressers around the world. We will do that by living up to our motto: Innovation, commitment, cooperation and education.

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    IdHAIR Elements Xclusive is beautiful and delicious hair in harmony with nature. With inspiration from the Danish coasts, we have created a Nordic design with focus on recycle plastic where we have added innovative products of very high quality to pamper your hair. Many of the ingredients are collected from nature and most of the products are produced at our own facilities in Sweden. And as an extra bonus, all care products are vegan.
    Even though the series is based on our Nordic heritage, we also look around the world to find the best ingredients. Therefore a fusion of ingredients from all over the world is used in our products.



    CLIMBAZOLE - works against the malassezia furfur fungus which is one of the causes for dandruff.
    UNDECYLENIC ACID - has an anti-bacterial effect and calms the irritated skin. Also prevents a high sebum production.
    ROSEMARY - stimulates the circulation. A good disinfectant and eliminates dandruff.
    PIROCTONE OLAMINE - works against pityrosporum ovale fungus which also is one of the causes for dandruff.
    HELIOSOLANUM - protects hair against UV radiation and prolongs the duration of the hair colour.
    SALICYLIC ACID - peeling effect by dissolving the bonds between dead skin cells. The result is a fresh scalp.



    IdHAIR Colour Bombs is the new generation of colour conditioners, a one step process that intensifiers and noursihes at the same time! All hair colour fades, keep your colour vibrant, intense shiny and reflective all the way to your next salon visit with colour bomb.

    PANTHENOL - vitamin B5 is a naturally-occuring material that adds several beneficial properties to hair care. Detangler, glossifier, moisture and strength.
    HYDROLYZED KERATIN - keratin restructures and repairs hair internally and externally. It’s the key to healthier hair.

  • Hair products to pamper him and her

    IdHAIR Mé consist of 17 amazing hair products in beautiful packaging that will look fab on every bathroom shelf. The hair products have been developed in collaboration with hairdressers and consumers and consist of 14 styling products and 3 care products.

    All products are carefully chosen in order to ensure that they are able to solve any imaginable hair task, no matter if you are male or female. So whether you're into shine, curls, texture or something fourth - IdHAIR Mé will pamper you and give you a good hair day.

    Beauty is within you - IdHAIR Mé highlights it

    You have inspired us. The series is called IdHAIR Mé, because it's about YOU. We embrace and celebrate the beauty YOU have. It is what makes you unique and absolutely fantastic. Therefore, we claim: We do not create beauty - we emphasize the beauty you already have!

    Yellow, pink, blue ... Know your favorite from IdHAIR Mé!

    All IdHAIR Mé products are colour-coded with a unique color, therefore they are easy to recognize and stand out from the crowd ... And it makes it easy remember which product is your favourite. Don't forget to love yourself first, darling!



    IdHAIR Black is 100% for men only and designed for today's man who demands simple, easy-to-use and efficient products that do the job and are freshly and masculine scented.

    We are aware that we are all busier than ever, and we have had this in mind throughout the process, so we can help you save time and still have good looking hair, a healthy scalp and even smell good.

    Based on men's basic grooming needs, IdHAIR Black is a small, exclusive range of products for masculine care, problem solving, styling and fragrance. In IdHAIR Black you will find eg. our super popular Total Shampoo, and as the name indicates, this product manages all needs.

    Hair, body and shave. That's smart, and that's the though behind ​​the series. It contains the products a real man need.

    AFRICAN PEPPER - african pepper is a spice growing around the Guinea Golf. In Africa, the seeds where traditionally chewed as sedatives against toothache and to warm the body. The spicy substances of the ginger has an antibacterial effect. Stimulating, energizing and detoxifying is also benefits from these “Grains Of Paradise”
    LACITITOL AND XYLITOL - skin microflore balance to fight scalp discomfort as dryness, itching and dandruff irritations. Prevents skin barrier damage and provide long lasting moisture.
    ZIZYHUS JOAZEIRO BARK EXTRACT - grow in Northeast Brazil where the bark and leaves are used in traditional medicine and anti dandruff product because of it’s quick and strong effect. It provide long time (72h) Anti-itch effect and are non-irritant.
    CALENDULA FLOWER EXTRACT ECOCERT - cultivated by the Egyptians, Greeks, Hindus and Arabs, Marigold is a popular garden plant which grows in Europe. Marigold has been valued for many centuries for it’s exceptional healing powers and is particularly remarkable in the treatment of wounds. urned skin.


    Niophlex is a versatile hair strengthening system for treatment and chemical use. It combines products for use in the salon in combination with the professional hairdressers skills, but also products for home use, to extent the effect of Niophlex.

    SOYBEAN ISOFLAVONES - adds nourishment to improve the condition of the hair.
    PHYTOCERAMIDE - creates a protecting shield around the hair shaft to reduce moisture loss and help smooth the cuticle.
    N-ACETYL-L-CYSTEINE - this makes bonds and protects the hair.
    AMINO ACIDS - builds blocks of protein to strengthen and moisturize the cortex.
    WATERMELON SEED OIL - due to the high levels of protein and ultra light composition, this oil is extremely moisturizing without being greasy.
    MACADAMIA SEED OIL - one of the highest sources of essential fatty acid and easy absorbed into the hair for strength and moisture.
    ARGAN SEED OIL - full of vitamin A + E, omega-6 fatty acid and linoleic acid. Natural moisturing and antioxidant agent that protect against heat and styling damage.
    HYDROLYZED KERATIN - keratin restructures and repairs hair internally and externally. It’s the key to healthier hair.



    IdHAIR gloss is an easy-to-use demi-permanent colour system, that with the ‘up to 20 minutes’ of processing time enables quick colour results. It is the desired intensity of the colour, i.e. the processing time, that determines how to set your timer. You will only be waiting for a maximum of 20 minutes! The colours from IdHAIR gloss are multifunctional and therefore they can do all types of colour work. They are a must have in your hair colour portfolio. Use the colours as toners, for colour corrections, after bleaching, for gloss effects, to correct the hair colour base and as a colour refresher.
    The colours are extremely gentle and are 100% free from Ammonia and PPD.

    IdHAIR gloss can be used for creating both cool and warm colours on pre-coloured hair.

    The colour system is available in many shades, and with IdHAIR gloss Clear, you can expand the colour system even more. This clear colour creates magic with the transparency of the colours, so you can see the texture of the hair and at the same time enabling the creation of pastel colours.


    Hair Paint

    IdHAIR Hair Paint is a complete colour system with 112 beautiful, soft shades, that work optimally with all hair types.

    IdHAIR Hair Paint is a colour system that will cover all your salon needs, so your customers will leave your salon on a happy note each and every time.

    The colours cover grey and white hair 100% and contain an anti-age complex that protects and provides care for the hair using natural plant pigments (phytopigments).

    The colours are easy to mix and use, and the high colour concentration makes them cost effective to use in the salon.
    With IdHAIR Hair Paint you can be sure of a good result every time you perform a colour treatment.
    Plant extracts, fruit oils and strong antioxidants from grapefruit and other citrus fruits provide a superbly durable and glossy result on all hairs.

    The colours contain sunflower oil that protects and provides UV protection.

    The series is also enriched with mandarin oil, which protects the scalp during colouration, and ensures that the hair becomes nourished and easy to comb. In addition, the low content of ammonia in the IdHAIR Hair Paint colours ensures that any potential skin irritation of the scalp is reduced.

    Hair Paint Free

    IdHAIR Hair Paint Free is a hair colour system free of ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol - great for sensitive skin and scalp.

    Hair Paint Free is our next generation of hair colour, and we have put an effort into creating a very gentle system without sacrificing long lasting and vibrant results.

    The colour system is keeping its promises and effectively cover grey and white hair 100%. The 79 colours provide a complete colour system containing gentle permanent colours.

    IdHAIR Hair Paint Free is free from ammonia, so you can colour customers with even the most sensitive scalps, and it contains no PPD nor Resorcinol.

    The colour system contains our unique Care System which is based on delightful natural ingredients. The Care System ensures that the color is long lasting, and that the hair is protected, reconstructed and shiny.

    Hair Paint Free also contains our unique Anti Age Complex, that works by controlling the speed of the oxidation process so that the colour is being better utilized, lasts longer and becomes intense and bright.
    Argan and Jojoba Oil nourishes hair, and essential fruit oils from Lemon, Mandarin and Grape seeds provide care and shine.
    Peach and Apricot Kernel Oil softens hair and Shea Butter protects and moisturizes even the most damaged hair.

    The hair fibers are protected and reconstructed by wheat protein, and heliogenol, which is concentrated glycolic extract from sunflower seeds, subsequently protects the hair from external damage.


    IdHAIR Black Magic is for those who are looking for a perm system that delivers perfect results every time. It also provides a healthier option for you and your customer compared to more traditional perm systems. IdHAIR Black Magic is gentle on hair and scalp and has a pleasant fragrance.

    Unlike other more traditional perm systems, IdHAIR Black Magic is gentle to the hair and scalp and has a pleasant scent. The working time is only 10 minutes and the series contains a finishing keratin treatment that effectively neutralizes all chemical residues in the hair.

    Black Magic comes in three strengths to suit all hair types, from normal to porous hair, so all of your customers can get the curls of their dreams.

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