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IdHAIR NIOPHLEX | versatile hair strengthening system

Niophlex is a versatile hair strengthening system for treatment and chemical use. It combines products for use in the salon in combination with the professional hairdressers skills, but also products for home use, to extent the effect of Niophlex.

SOYBEAN ISOFLAVONES - adds nourishment to improve the condition of the hair.
PHYTOCERAMIDE - creates a protecting shield around the hair shaft to reduce moisture loss and help smooth the cuticle.
N-ACETYL-L-CYSTEINE - this makes bonds and protects the hair.
AMINO ACIDS - builds blocks of protein to strengthen and moisturize the cortex.
WATERMELON SEED OIL - due to the high levels of protein and ultra light composition, this oil is extremely moisturizing without being greasy.
MACADAMIA SEED OIL - one of the highest sources of essential fatty acid and easy absorbed into the hair for strength and moisture.
ARGAN SEED OIL - full of vitamin A + E, omega-6 fatty acid and linoleic acid. Natural moisturing and antioxidant agent that protect against heat and styling damage.
HYDROLYZED KERATIN - keratin restructures and repairs hair internally and externally. It’s the key to healthier hair.

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Niophlex Bonder
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Niophlex Rescue Spray

To be mixed with your chemical treatment to protect the inner structure of the hair. Niophlex Bonder has the...


A nourishing cream to protect and combine the hairs internal bonds, maintain its inner integrity, while...


Niophlex Rescue spray is a leave-in product and is specially designed for Niophlex-treated hair, but anyone with hair can benefit from using it....