For over 100 years, the kai company has been producing cutlery according to the traditions of the legendary samurai of old Japan. In the process, the desire to preserve ancient traditions and to combine them with innovative techniques represents no contradiction, but forms the basis for new products that honor Japanese blacksmithing while meetin...

For over 100 years, the kai company has been producing cutlery according to the traditions of the legendary samurai of old Japan. In the process, the desire to preserve ancient traditions and to combine them with innovative techniques represents no contradiction, but forms the basis for new products that honor Japanese blacksmithing while meeting modern demands.

With the highest quality standards, kai has made it its mission to produce scissors for professional use. Made from natural resources, shaped and formed according to the expertise of the ancient blacksmithing art of the samurai, KASHO scissors epitomise Japanese craftsmanship carried out with the highest degree of precision. From the design to completion of each individual scissors, the focus is on the development of an integrated and carefully - considered product.

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    KASHO Design Master professional hairdresser scissors available in offset, left-handed and mirror polished texturizers, this comprehensive and popular high value series is forged from the high grade and high wearing VG10-W carbon steel.

    The easy to use raised ratchet screw system has a unique spring mechanism for perfect tension and precision cutting. With a satin finish the hollow semi-convex blades create a razor like edge giving an incredibly smooth cutting action.


    This is the scissor of choice for some of the world's top stylists. The top-of-the-range Millennium Series represents superb craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. These exceptionally sharp, ergonomically designed scissors are made from sinter steel SG2 which is extremely resistant, light and wearing.

    The patented Disc Operation System ensures perfect, even movement and optimum tension. The smooth operation of these high micro-polished scissor blades reduces cutting resistance to a minimum, which in turn reduces hand fatigue. The Millennium Series features a special ergonomic finger rest and is available as offset and straight designs.


    The KASHO Green Series is forged from high carbon VG-10W steel. With convex hollow ground blades honed to a fine mirror polish. The KASHO Green Series is designed with a ball bearing tension system. This feature reduces friction and allows you to power through a large section or thick hair, while reducing any fatigue on the fingers and thumb. Performance is excellent with a very solid feel in your hand.

    The KASHO Green Series includes the texturizers, where the teeth are so shaped by up-to-date erosion technique that each tooth meets the cutting edge at the same angle. The gaps between the teeth are tapered towards the inside of the teeth blade, which prevents a tangle of hair when pulling out. The convex blades are mirror polished.

  • XP

    The Kasho XP Series combines the excellent features of the acclaimed Green Series with the unique Disc Operation System of the Millennium Series. The hollow ground convex mirror-polished blades are forged from low- wear VG-10 stainless steel alloy, the XP-series is characterised by its high durability and hardness.

    In the trend of ergonomically designed scissors, the XP Series offers an ergonomically straight semi-straight or ergonomically designed offset model.


    The extremely attractive and sleek lined KASHO Silver series has a very offset design for optimum ergonomics. This is a scissor for those who want their creativity to flow.

    The fully hollow convex mirror-polished blades are forged from ATS314 carbon steel, making them extra hard-wearing due to the added cobalt and the matrix structure of the steel. The flat centre screw system comes with an adjustable key for that optimum tension control.


    Not just a colour change. The extremely attractive KASHO Silver Black series has all the same properties of a normal Silver, but is coated using special Diamond Like Carbon (DLC).

    This is a nano composite coating that has the unique properties of natural diamond; high hardness, high corrosion resistance and low friction, creating an even smoother cutting experience. Design and technology combined to form perfect harmony. Furthermore is the DLC coating well known, to provide a reliable protection against allergies and resistance to other chemical compounds.


    For centuries, Japan's Master Smiths have fashioned blades from alternating layers of steel, each little thicker than a human hair. This superb technique, known in the West as Damascus forging, gives each blade its hallmark strength and intricately graceful patterning. Each piece in Kasho?s Damascus Series is perfectly crafted, yet beautifully individual. The blades are crafted from eight layers of premium V10 cobalt alloy steel, resulting in ultimate sharpness and extremely powerful cutting.

    Thanks to hand-finishing, the unique Damascus patterning promises a one-of-a-kind scissor. And, with Kasho's clever ball bearing system integrated with Flat Screw technology, every cut is always silky smooth.


    The KASHO Ivory Series represents the upper middle category of the KASHO hair styling scissors. The tension adjustable screw allows fine tuning of the scissor tension.

    The convex blades are mirror polished. The new KASHO Lefty thinning represents the upper middle category of the KASHO hair thinning scissors. The tension ratched adjustable flat screw allows fine tuning of the scissor tension. This scissor can be used as a Japanese version A-type (long hair thinning scissor) and as well as an B-type (European version), due to the special opposite hand design and the 2 finger rests. The convex blades are mirror polished.


    Our Sagano series has been designed to incorporate the best of all series. The hollow ground mirror-polished fully convex blades are forged from ATS314 carbon steel. The Samurai Sword blade design is taken from the Millennium series, the sophisticated ball bearing patterned disc operating system from the Damascus series, the optimum ergo-nomics of the Silver series and the blade properties of the Green series.

    Offered for the first time with a traditionally forged finger notch. Kasho characters and an original Japanese ceramic inlay lend the screw system a sophisticated touch. The convex and hollow-ground scissor blades have been carefully sharpened and finely polished to a high shine.


    The KASHO Chrome series is the new entry-level model of an ergonomic and modern KASHO. The new flat-screw system allows a stepless adjustment of the optimal tension setting, and is the ideal instrument for all stylists who appreciate comfortable and above all creative work.

    The new elegant KASHO design of the KASHO Chrome series enables it to rest comfortably and ergonomically in the hand. The KASHO Chrome series is available as an ergonomically shaped offset model. Each blade is semi-convex and hollow ground, finely honed and satin-finished.


    Perfection must have a beginning. Introducing the KASHO Impression series, a first step into the world of KASHO. Available in two offset sizes this is a scissor for a stylist that wants to experience affordable quality.

    Forged from VG10-W steel the hardness and foundation of the Impression scissor is similar with that of the more expensive Green or XP series. The basic screw system allows for easy tension control and the beautifully balanced hollow semi-convex blades come with a matt finish. This is a great value range which surpasses its counterparts.


    Great scissor to start your KASHO experience. The KASHO Excelia range is ergonomically curved, especially suited to junior stylists, specially designed by KASHO. The steel blades remain long lastingly sharp and offering other benefits which include a comfortable offset handle so that you can work comfortably for a long period of time and a Japanese hollow grinding to guarantee a clean cut. This is probably the ultimate starter scissor with a basic ratchet tension screw system and removable finger rest.


    The ergonomically contoured Kasho Designing Razor and Speed Edge is an ideal tool for creative work. The exceptional sharpness of the blade, which was originally designed for use in surgery, enables accurate shaping and thinning of hair. The synthetic comb containing antibacterial and anti-static elements symmetrically forms on the both sides of the blade without gaps. Therefore it is very hygienic and free from static charge and clogging of hair.

    The KASHO Razors are professional precision instruments suitable for both shaving and hair dressing. Thanks to the special dispenser system the blades can be safely and quickly inserted in the razor holder.


    Modern, functional and in matching KASHO design - our selected range of accessories, which includes high-quality bags and holsters, as well as professional equipment and essential styling tools, perfectly rounds off KASHO's portfolio of scissors and hairdressing tools. Whether you need them for everyday use in the salon or for safe-keeping - or when you're on the road, these KASHO accessories are indispensable items made with a professional standard of quality and a well thought-through concept.

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