Friziera darba instrumenti

Hairdressing tools are not just shears and hairbrushes. Below that are the hairdressing equipment, the hairdresser's tools and disinfectants. And to make it easier to choose and see them all systematically classified in one place, take a look at instrument catalog.

Hairdressing equipment, often known simply as hairdressing furniture, is everything You need to prepar a workplace. Here you can find and choose a hairdresser's chair that is comfortable for you and the client, a specialist chair, a head washer, a trolley, where you can store all your work tools, and other necessary equipment.

Work tools are all the small tools a hairdresser needs, from hair clips and dyes to a hair dryer or straightener. Nor will any hair stylist and beauty salon do without disinfectants. For your convenience, here are all the tools needed to disinfect instruments, surfaces, skin and hands.